Microcontroller Based Alarm Annunciator:

Alarm Annunciator
Any complex manufacturing process or equipment needs close monitoring; it is effectively done by employing Annunciation System. The system provides audio and visual indication of faults. Advanced, highly reliable and compact microcontroller based Alarm Annunciation System. The system offers annunciation with signaling and auxiliary (open collector) outputs. Annunciation inputs are connected to potential free contacts. When fault condition occurs in any one of the connected inputs, annunciator indicates the fault by flashing respective window and energies Hooter Relay. The AB/ABM series input have sits selection facility for "NO (make to alarm) and "NC" (break to alarm). User can connect aHooter through relay for Audio Alarm. Facility to connect external "Test, Accept & Reset push buttons is available. Dual rate flashing is provided for differentiating the first & subsequent faults.

Computer connectivity
Up to 32 Annunciator units can be surveyed & controlled by Software package (SCADA with Modbus I/O Driver) faults at each Alarm Annunciator are logged by the software in a computer file, which can be used later for analysis. The connection from the PC to the units is via 2 wire RS -485 Bus, using standard RS-485 twisted pair shielded communications cable.